The Convention De:cental Days

This year Mallorca will become the hotspot of the digital economy.

Many challenges await companies in the coming years. The digital revolution is taking huge steps forward, and the economy is facing many hurdles to overcome in all areas.
Whether it’s artificial intelligence, the internet of things, virtual reality, the future of mobility, blockchain technology - the paths to mastering these challenges are diverse and complex.
The De:central Days offer companies of all industries the opportunity to present their digital solutions to the problems of our time and at the same time find partners for the realization of corresponding projects. Representatives of relevant government agencies will also participate so that all parties involved can tap the full potential of synergies.
Spend two days of speeches, discussions and other events in an unusual but special atmosphere in one of the most beautiful cities of the Mediterranean, with around 1,000 participants from the most important areas of the digital economy.

Everyone is talking about it - the Internet of Things. Refrigerators that automatically order food, turning off the coffee machine on your way to work via voice control - that's already a reality. During the De:central Days we want to take it a step further. What will the future bring? Which challenges does this technology entail? How do we approach them? Introduce your project and expand your network.
Electromobility, autonomous driving, climate protection - many factors play a role in the future of mobility. Challenges such as demographic change, the reduction of CO2 emissions and the ever-increasing world trade with its associated transport of goods must be mastered. Your mobility project is in good hands at the De:central Days. Representatives from many different industries meet here to discuss these issues and present their solutions.
Present your blockchain project - no matter what the use case is. Your product follows the steak from the pasture to the plate or the designer dress from the factory to the fashion victim? Your product facilitates the issuing, storage and forwarding of important documents such as birth certificates, land register entries or other credentials? Your product provides a simple solution to a day-to-day problem that everyone knows but no one has solved yet? You are dealing with KYC and AML? At the De:central Days, you'll open doors that you did not know existed.
From controlling traffic in crowded cities to identifying and effectively treating malaria patients - artificial intelligence has a wide range of use cases. Are you working on a deep learning solution to revolutionize e-commerce? Your AI will take cybersecurity to the next level? Due to the broad range of topics that are linked through the challenges they tackle, the De:central Days are the perfect opportunity to present your project to a specialized audience and will thus help you discover completely new opportunities.
The use cases for augmented and virtual reality range from additional, useful information on a golf match through games with Avatar to traveling to distant locations. It seems that new ideas are being developed every minute - this technology has the potential to bring the digital world into the fourth dimension. Present your product to a specialist audience from various industries. There are also separate rooms available for special presentations.

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