De:central Days in Cooperation with Healthcare Shapers
Digital Innovation Meets the Health Care Sector

Healthcare Shapers is an international network of independent consultants, service providers, experts and decision makers with extensive and deep healthcare experience. They connect experts to collaborate on the new solutions and pragmatic ways to change the healthcare industry.

Growth Market with Risks and Side Effects

Marc Anken & Günther Illert - both Partners of Healthcare Shapers

The healthcare industry has become an important growth and key economic driver in recent years. Large sums of money are being spent on decoding the human genome using the latest technologies, for example, and the pharmaceutical industry is constantly developing new R & D models using artificial intelligence to reduce development time for new drugs. However, a steadily increasing life expectancy with the high expenditures on health services associated with this change massively increases the cost pressure on the social systems. Only through innovations can health systems be made sustainable and patients treated efficiently. Digital solutions are a key to success. Large technology companies want to participate in this growth just as many start-ups. But due to different national health and social systems with sometimes very rigid regulations, entering these markets is difficult and very costly mistakes can be made very fast.

Only those who understand exactly what the supply structures in the different countries look like and how they will get approval and reimbursement will successfully enter the market. In the workshop, Marc Anken and Günther Illert will explain which hurdles have to be taken into account when entering the health market.
Virtual Reality - the Digital Revolution Conquers the Healthcare Sector

Dr. Michael Gerards, Founder & Executive Director, present4D GmbH and Partner of Healthcare Shapers

Virtual Reality (VR) technology makes it possible to teleport the wearer of VR glasses into an emotional virtual world. The sense of presence, that is, the feeling of being in this virtual world, is so strong with the new VR glasses, that it results in completely new approaches for therapy, training and marketing within the healthcare sector.

In an interactive stage presentation, Michael Gerards shows how many VR use cases have already been tested and implemented in the medical sector and in the pharmaceutical industry. With innovative digital tools you can create a Virtual Reality experience for surgical training or also medical and health prevention measures as well as medical rehabilitation and psychological therapy methods. Product marketing and corporate communication in the pharmaceutical and healthcare industries are also experiencing completely new value creation potential for patients and customers through VR.
Application of Blockchain Technology, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning in the Healthcare Sector

Dr. Issame Outaleb, Founder of PharmaTrace and Partner of Healthcare Shapers#

Issame will give valuable insights on how decentralized blockchain technology enables secure applications in the healthcare industry while putting the patient and health consumer at the center of attention.

Workshop Cybersecurity
Understanding the components that make up a Cyber Defence Centre

Ian Murphy - VP Europe at LMNTRIX

This three hour training workshop is designed for CIOs and the CISOs that want to gain an insight into all the components that make up a cyber defense centre (CDC).
  • Are you a forward thinking CIO or CISO?
  • Are you challenged with recruiting and retaining the right security team?
  • Are you ready to dump your SIEM?
  • Are you sick of wasting money on your useless AV?
  • Did your MSSP let you down again?
  • Are you ready to consume security as an outcome?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions, then you should not miss this session. We will blow the lid open on the failure of today’s approaches to cyber security and lay out a foundation of where you need to be in 3yrs time. This workshop is designed for those who are serious about security and truly care about the protection of their digital assets. If you are a decision maker and security budget influencer then this session is for you.

Course Outline:
  • Why are current approaches to cyber security including leading SOCs and MSSPs failing?
  • Unpacking LMNTRIX - an approach that makes MSSPs and SOCs look foolish
  • Demonstration of a typical outcome today’s CDC should be able to deliver
  • Technical components that make up a CDC
  • How to integrate intelligence in every aspect of a context aware and intelligence driven CDC

Workshop dApp / Web3 development

One aspect of the new generation of web applications, often referred to as Web3.0, is the decentralized storage of the underlying data of the web application. Therefore, this kind of application is also often referred to as decentralized application (dApp).
This workshop will provide insights into how decentralized applications can be developed on top of React and the Waves Platform blockchain. Therefore, the necessary tools and technology will be discussed and a small example application will be developed. Namely, we will provide insights in the development of Smart Contracts for the Waves Platform and how to establish the connection from a React based web application to the Waves Platform blockchain.

Prof Dr. Marc Jansen
Prof. Dr. Malte Weiß
Workshop Workshop