We are aware of the current lack of blockchain developers​. Our intention with the hackathon is to inspire talented engineers and students​ to invest their minds in this new industry. ​ The Global Hackathon​ , also known as TGH, is THE global event connecting developers, builders, designers and entrepreneurs.

  • Connecting Engineers to Opportunities
  • Powerful Access and Networking
  • Thoughtful Incubation and Customized Solutions

Direct Recruiting
We connect you to the world’s best builders. Our events and hackathons attract top-tier software engineering talent in the most forward thinking cities around the world.

Marketing and Reach
Maximize the exposure of your company to the blockchain community, industry leading businesses, and seasoned developers with unique hackathon access points.

Customized Solutions
Through our team’s incubation of past hackathon winners we have the resources and experience necessary to manage and develop your project from ideation to mass adoption.

Specifics - Education For Blockchain
The Global Hackathon Team will work closely with our European partners to set up entry level challenges for students in Berlin and Barcelona. The purpose of these steps of a learning challenge is to ensure they have the skill to join our final competition in September in Mallorca. We welcome our sponsors to support the students by sending judges and mentors for the hackathon.


Our global developers will build innovative features for your app, identify security vulnerabilities, and extensively test for defects.

Participants of the hackathon will work on bounties funded by our sponsors. Put up your technology with a goal in mind and we will make sure that your project makes exponential leaps by the event’s close.

The Global Hackathon team of advisors incubates the winning teams of event hackathon. Incorporating the members and providing them with the resources they need. This ensures that when we carefully pair them with sponsors from our network they see a secure return on their investment.

Previous channels we have supported at our past events:
  • KushDash - Stable coins provide secure banking and data transaction to the cannabis industry.
  • TrashCoin - Incentivises the reduction of litter through gamified cryptocurrency rewards.

TGH2019 Hackathon